Korbel, Puffcorn & Star Trek

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Well I can't have a better day than this, I started the day with a 3ish hour breakfast with KC9ECI, KC9IKU and W9UUM. I got lots so of yard work done and am enjoying the subject in the title. Even spent a bit of time burning ozone on the N0EXE repeater chatting with them again. Gotta love 'em all.
The best part, by far, was Jim falling off his chair when I actually responded to a call on the repeater...hi hi.
Hearing a Vulcan say 'the ball is in our court' is funny.
Puffcorn should be a controlled substance....
What is it about Andorians...blue skin...or or the antenna things?
Gotta love Korbel...helps with the days yard work.
Vulcans...sure can be...stubborn.
Sorry for the Star Trek stuff, goes with the title.
Well, we managed to strong arm Jim into Twitter and Facebook, it was a step above getting my father to do the same.
Common mode current sucks...
Vacation time is excellent...wish I had some...
Hmmmm...the sun has gone down...power draining...that means, time for bed.
Wellll, maybe one more episode of Enterprise, it is the weekend.